Calculators & Conversion Charts

The online conversion calculators and conversion tables at Newark element14 provide the conversion ratios you need in everyday calculations. Whether you're trying to move from U.S. measurements to metric, solve for Ohm's law, or make sure you've got the correct weight, these tools from the element14 team are designed to help.

Advanced Calculators & Conversion Charts

Ohm's Law

Save time with this quick tool to find your circuit values.

LED Series Resistor

Calculate appropriate resistance so your LEDs don’t burn out prematurely.

Resistor Color Code

Access a convenient, standardized resistance table.

Time Constant

Voltage x Capacitance x Load Resistance

Battery Life

How much life is in that battery based on its use?


The pressure is on when you need crucial calculations. From kilaposcals to pounds per square inch, use this easy tool.

Basic Calculators & Conversion Charts

Mass and Weight

Move seamlessly from ounces to pounds to grams.


BTUs, Joules, and kWh - dynamically computed as you type!


Inches? Feet? Yards? Miles? Meters? Metres? We've got you covered.


Assure your volume conversions are always accurate. Use this easy calculator to quickly convert across cups, quarts, gallons, milliliters and liters.


For any critical temperature analysis, this calculator helps you get your job done faster.


Get your power converted down to a base number, quickly and easily.

Decimal > Fraction

Turn any decimal value into its simplified fraction form.