Industrial Automation and Control

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Need a Full Line of Relays?

Discover three full relay lines from Schneider Electric. The offerings include legacy, robust, and advanced relays to cover all your industrial relay needs!

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Finding the Right Motor

Find the right motor for your application from Crouzet! Discover the benefits and featured applications of Crouzet motors.

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How's your crimping quality?

Download your FREE crimping guide and improve your technique! Also, check out our range of TE Connectivity tooling products.

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Sense and Switch Industrial-Level Loads with your Raspberry Pi®

With Opto 22's Digital I/O Starter Kit System for Raspberry Pi®, you can switch real-world electrical loads like industrial motors and pumps, and sense circuits and status through industrial-grade sensors, with your Raspberry Pi's GPIO.

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EcoGen™ EcoFlex® Unshielded Cable

EcoGen™ products are eco-friendly, high-performance wire and cable designed to provide better performance, in a smaller package.

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656 Series LED Panel Indicators

Indicators Incorporate both InGaN and AllnGap technologies to offer super bright intensities in a full range of colors and voltages.

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PV Anti-Vandal PB switch

Anti-vandal switches with options of illumination and sealing can be found in industrial type applications in public settings.

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E57G Series Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive sensors designed with stainless steel, shock resistant front caps, polycarbonate end bells, and impact-absorbing potting compound.

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RJE Series Modular Jacks

High Performance CAT5e & CAT6! A wide variety of single and multiple port options available.

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PA-N SERIES Slim Power Relays

Relays that help develop products that meet new safety standards and improve safety and reliability of industrial equipment.

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FireRaptor Solar Panel Rapid Shutdown

The IMO FireRaptor provides three forms of solar panel rapid shutdown to ZERO VOLTS in case of fire or other emergency.

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