Hazard-matched to survive in the most demanding operating conditions, Xtra-Guard cable is the longest-lasting, highest-performing cable in the industry

Xtra-Guard performance cable is designed to meet your needs. Its round construction makes it easier to install, seal, and route. With nearly 5000 standard constructions and the industry’s broadest range of gauges, conductor counts, shielding options, and jacket color choices, Xtra-Guard cable sets the global standard for reliable performance.

Known for exceptional quality and performance, the extensive Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard cable line is available to meet the widest variety of application requirements. With a comprehensive range of conductor counts and shielding options, Xtra-Guard is manufactured in several performance grades to give you the best match between cost, environmental, and mechanical performance.

Featured products

Xtra-guard 1

Unmatched, high performance in a tough PVC cable.

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Xtra-guard flex

Excellent performance in rugged, high-flex, high torsion, and continuous-flex applications.

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Xtra-guard flex TPE

Physical toughness and flex performance in one cable to ensure zero downtime and maximum performance.

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Xtra-guard 2

Specially formulated, rugged jacket that offers three times the tear and abrasion resistance of ordinary PVC.

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Medical device
Motion control
Industrial manufacturing


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