Harsh Environments

Whether it’s extreme heat, blistering winds, or toxic chemicals - electronics are more susceptible to damage when operating in harsh environments.

Engineers must account for environmental factors before the design stage, choosing products with proper qualifications and ratings to protect valuable equipment and personnel.

Newark element14 offers a broad portfolio of products and components designed to withstand extreme environments. From military & commercial applications to consumer & automotive electronics, we have the solution you need.

Common Characteristics of Harsh Environments

Extreme or Rapidly Changing Temperatures

Extremely Humid, Wet and/or Dry Conditions

Exposure to Chemicals, Particulates, Oil or Bodily Fluids

Constant or Frequent Vibration and Jarring

Flexing, Twisting or Bending of Wire & Cable

Voltage or Current Spikes and Risks of Short-Circuits

Recommended Products

Beaglebone Black Industrial

The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial (BBONE-BLACK-IND-4G) is a low cost, high-expansion focused BeagleBoard.

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Conformal Coating

Fine-L-Kote LED is designed for light emitting diode applications where a completely transparent silicone coating is required to provide a tough, protective coating.

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ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire

Versatile, smaller & lighter hook-up wire with thinner walls & an ability to run long continuous lengths in extreme temperatures.

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HOTCap™ High-Temp Radial Leaded MLCCs

Built for the most extreme automotive operating conditions, these MLCCs define a new standard for performance and reliability.

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Copper Foil Shielding Tape

Consists of a 1oz deadsoft copper foil backing and a unique electrically conductive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

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Snap-Lug Quick-Disconnect Power Connectors

Ruggedized power connector that quickly and reliably connects heavy gauge power cables to equipment and components.

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