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Modules are classified into 13 types:

Data Acquisition and Control, Expansion, FPGA, Frame Grabber, GPIB, Serial and Ethernet, IF Transceiver, Interface, Really, Signal Analysers, Sound and Vibration, Switch, Test Support, Timer Counter.

Each of these are sub-classified:

Data Acquisition and Control: AC LVDT input, Analogue Input, Digital I/O, Analogue Output, Bridge Based Sensor, Bus Power, Electro Mechanical, Multifunction DAQ, Multifunction I/O, Multifunction Synchronous, Multifunction Reconfigurable, Multifunction Temperature and Voltage, Solid-State Relay FET, Sound Vibration Input, Temperature Input, Thermocouple Input, Voltage Input, Voltage Output.

Functions are available on NI C Series, Omega DASYLab, PXI, PXIe, and USB

Expansion Modules: Analogue Input, CompactRIO, Expansion Bridge, PXI Digital Pattern Instrument, PXI RAID Controller

FPGA Modules: Kintex, Spartan, Virtex, Xilinx

Frame Grabbers: Frame Grabber Modules, Reconfigurable, PXI

GPIB, Serial, & Ethernet Modules: Products for C Series, FlexRIO, GPIB, PXI, MXI and proprietary

IF Transceiver Modules: FlexRIO, PXI and PXI/FlexRIO

Interface Modules: C Series, CAN, CANopen, CompactRIO, DeviceNet, FPD-Link, Fieldbus, FlexRay, GMSL, I2C/SPI LIN, PXI, PXI CAN, PXI CANopen, PXI DeviceNet, PXI FlexRay, PXI LIN

Relay Modules: Electromechanical Relay, PXI, USB

Signal Analysers: From Ametek Programmable Power and Digilent, from 92.2Khz to 765MHz

Sound & Vibration Modules: NI C Series, PXI, PCI, USB

Switch Modules: Electromechanical, Electromechanical Failsafe, Electromechanical Power, FET, Reed, Solid State – on PXI, PXI Express (PXIe), and PXI Hybrid

Test Support Modules: For use with NI CompactDAQ, NI CompactRIO, NI FlexRIO, NI PXI, NI Test Equipment and NI Instrumentation

Timer/Counter Modules: For use with NI Compact DAQ, NI CompactRIO, NI DAQ, and NI PXI