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Hammond Manufacturing offers a wide range of electrical and electronic enclosures, racks and cabinets, electronic transformers and power outlet strips. When you need high performance solutions, durability, and excellent customer service, you can trust Hammond Manufacturing will be there to make the difference.

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Featured Products

1554 Series 4X/6P Watertight Enclosures

Polycarbonate or ABS enclosures are ideally suited for mounting PCBs or DIN rail mounted components; new sizes now available!

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1555 Series Type 4X/6P Enclosures

Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards or DIN rail mounted components; new sizes now available!

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1555 Series Enclosures with Flanged Lid

These Type 4X, 6P / IP68 enclosures are designed for wall mounting and are ideal for harsh environments.

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IP66 Polycarbonate Pushbutton Enclosure

Available with 1-6 hole cutouts, these pushbutton enclosures are UL rated and suitable for outdoor use.

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IP68 Nickel Plated Brass Liquid-Tight Cordgrips

Accept a wide range of cable diameters and tighten in a circular sequence to give outstanding strain relief without damaging the cable.

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IP68 Nylon Liquid-Tight Cordgrips

Available in black or gray, these cordgrips accept a wide range of cable diameters due to large opening and nitrile rubber seal.

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