Corrosion & Sanitary Solutions

Mitigate Moisture & Rust

Whether you produce tires, oil, or food and beverage products, you are bound to run into corrosion issues. Due to the large investments you make in your equipment, it takes careful designing in order to mitigate corrosion and extend the operational life of your equipment. In order to keep downtime as low as possible, you need to find the ideal equipment protection (enclosures) and thermal management solutions for your specific application. nVent HOFFMAN and Newark element14 have 120+ years of experience – partners you can trust to mitigate moisture and rust.

Things to Consider in Corrosive Environments

  • Temperature
  • Chemistry
  • Moisture
  • Location of Install
  • Watch the video to learn more...

Typical Applications

Automotive and Tire

Water, Wastewater & Desalinization

Food & Beverage

Oil & Gas

Pulp & Paper Mills


Your Essential Tools

Material Selection Tool

Find the optimal enclosure material for your specific application.

  1. Answer a few questions about your environment
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Review your Custom Analysis
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Cooling Selection Tool

Find the right cooling solutions for your specific application.

  1. Enter the requirements of your application
  2. Review suggested cooling products and solutions
  3. Contact us if you need a customized solution
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Corrosive A/C ROI Calculator

Open this useful tool to help calculate your ROI when considering replacement of your A/C units. Enter a few simple parameters to understand the impact of down or inoperable A/C systems.

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Featured Products

CONCEPT Type 4X Wall-Mount

The ideal stainless steel wall-mount enclosure for indoor/outdoor applications that require corrosion protection from water and chemicals.

  • Manufactured from Type 304 or Type 316L stainless steel
  • Type 316 stainless steel hidden hinges promote clean aesthetic appearance
  • Seamless foam-in-place gasket
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Spectracool - Advanced Corrosion Protection

The newly standardized nVent HOFFMAN SpectraCool Series of air conditioners provides closed-loop cooling with enhanced corrosion protection.

  • Two levels of corrosion protecton: - Level 1 - Protective coatings on all exposed copper tubing and solder joints, condenser coil and thermostat. - Level 2 - All protective coatings in Level 1 plus a coated evaporator coil. Foam wrap added over protective coatings on thermostat.
  • 115, 230 and 400/460 VAC 3-phase power input on most models
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Hinged Cover Type 4X Fiberglass

The efficient design and simple construction of these enclosures make them durable in corrosive environments, yet aesthetically pleasing.

  • Outstanding chemical- and temperature-resistance qualities and exhibits excellent weatherability and physical properties
  • Enclosures with quick-release latches have corrosion-resistant polyester latches located in corners that provide unobstructed access to enclosure
  • Easily punched, drilled, filed or sawed
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4/4X Filter Fan Shroud

When paired with nVent HOFFMAN Type 12 Filter Fans, the 4/4X Shroud creates the optimal open loop solution for your 4/4x application.

  • Minimal airflow reduction of 10 percent
  • Easily remove shroud without tools for maintenance and filter replacement
  • FDA approved blue silicone gasket ensures a proper NEMA and UL Rated seal to the enclosure
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Continuous Hinge Type 4X Aluminum Enclosure

Lightweight enclosure protects components and controls in highly-corrosive indoor or outdoor environments.

  • Lightweight enclosure protects components and controls in highly-corrosive indoor or outdoor environments
  • Rolled lip around three sides of door and all sides of enclosure opening
  • Oil-resistant gasket
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Qline Type 4X Polycarbonate Enclosures

Qline enclosures provides easy access and protects larger controls from corrosive environments.

  • Body and opaque/clear covers are impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • Seamless foam-in-place gasket assures water-tight and dust-tight seal
  • Easily punched, drilled, filed or sawed
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