Why choose kitting services?

When designing a new product, developers can waste valuable time sourcing parts and placing orders, waiting for deliveries, and stocking inventory for first article/NPI, prototype to production builds.

Whether a bill of materials consists of five or 500 parts, individually sourcing and managing each item can be time-consuming and nerve-racking. Newark’s custom kitting services help place orders faster and easier, giving developers more time to focus on what really matters — their next design.

The Challenge

The challenge

  • Purchasing staff needs to maintain a list of all required part numbers.
  • Minimum order quantities can lead to excess inventory that may be costly to house or waste space on your premises.
  • Supply chain issues can make it harder to quickly source multiple parts, causing shipping delays.
The Challenge

The solution

  • We’ll kit parts used in your OEM or design project BOM (Bill of Materials), so you can save time, labor and reduce the number of parts that need to be managed.
  • We’ll hold inventory, improving space and logistics.
  • We’ll parsed out shipments into pre-counted kits, delivered labeled and kitted to your requirements for ease of receiving.

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Our dedicated kitting services and team can help support your:

New designs & prototypes
Test boards
Bench boards
Evaluation boards
Short-run production
Scheduled kit deliveries