Layer N: Get connected

Wireless Sensors, Smart Probes and Gateways for Remote Control & Monitoring

Omega, a premier supplier of a broad range of industrial and process sensors has introduced Layer N, the next generation of connectivity solutions that provides a robust, secure ecosystem to ensure sensor data can be utilized at any level.

Localized control and alarming functions allow standalone sensor operation independent of network interfaces. OEG, an on-premise data aggregator provides data visualization, logging and historian functions and may be seamlessly integrated with the Omega Layer N Cloud solution. The GW-001 family of wireless and wired gateway products provides a plug and play interface between local sensors and legacy control and monitoring products.

  • Omega’s Smart Sensors combine the ability to sense raw information with the capability of local hardware control and alarm generation.
  • Omega’s connectivity solutions provide plug and play interfaces for Omega’s Layer N Cloud solution.
  • Omega’s connectivity solutions provide multiple options to combine local and remote monitoring of facility data to reduce costs.

The wide range of connectivity options have also been integrated with Avnet’s IOTConnect cloud platform, providing OEM’s access to an ever expanding set of sensor solutions.

To help our customers surmount some of the biggest barriers to success in IIoT adoption and transform their most innovative ideas into value—faster—Omega recently partnered with Newark. As members of the IoTConnect Partner Program, Omega offers a Smart Sensor Suite that’s fully compatible with all the hardware and software you need to build a complete sensor-to-cloud technology stack. And the partnership will provide all the advisory, design and build, and support services you’ll require throughout your devices’ entire lifecycle.

Combine the IoTConnect Platform with Omega’s IoTConnect-certified sensors, monitors and transmitters in order to:


Build an end-to-end IIoT solution that’s both complete and secure.


Connect the sensors you already have and leverage existing interfaces to speed time-to-value.


Determine and demonstrate time-to-value with greater certainty at an IIoT project’s outset.

Featured products

SP-005-1 Smart Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Probe

Omega’s SP-005 accepts a wide range of Thermocouple or 2, 3 and 4 wire RTD’s to provide accurate temperature measurement and local edge computing.

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SS-001-1-NA Wireless Environmental Sensor

Omega’s SS-001 provide a secure, wireless environmental monitoring capability capturing Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Light for Omega Layer N Solutions.

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SP-014-1 Smart Probe Analog Interface

Featuring local control, alarming and data logging the Layer N SP-014 Process Monitoring Smart Probe provides an easy way to integrate 4-20 mA process signals into Layer N on-premise or cloud monitoring solutions.

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GW-001-3-NA Layer N Wireless Gateway

The Omega GW-001-3-NA gateway seamlessly connects wireless transmitters and wired Ethernet and RS485/232 devices for process monitoring.

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Wireless IOTConnect environmental monitoring system

A wireless environmental monitoring solution capturing Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure.


Environmental monitoring smart probe

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Long range wireless transmitter

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Long range wireless receiver

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