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The Renesas RA Family is a new 32-bit MCU family built on the Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture.Offering a wide range of performance and features, the Renesas RA Family meet the scalability, powerconsumption and performance needs of nearly any embedded systems end-product.

Featured Products

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The RA2 Series is the RA Family's entry-level 32-bit MCU, offering excellent costperformance and ultra-low power consumption. It delivers up to 48MHz of CPUperformance using an Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with up to 256kB of embedded flash memoryand a wide single voltage supply range from 1.6V to 5.5V.

RA2A1  EK-RA2A1  

The RA4 Series bridges the needs for reasonable low power with the demand forconnectivity and performance. These MCUs deliver up to 48MHz of CPU performanceusing an ArmⓇ CortexⓇ-M4 core with up to 256kB of embedded flash memory.

RA4M1  EK-RA4M1 

The RA6 Series offers the widest integration of communication interfaces as well as the best performance level. These MCUs deliver up to 120MHz of CPU performance using an ArmⓇ CortexⓇ-M4 core and a memory range from 512kB to 2MBFlash

RA6M1  EK-RA6M1  
RA6M2   EK-RA6M2  
RA6M3  EK-RA6M3  

Target Markets and Benefits

Industrial Automation

  • Long product life
  • Temperature up to 105°C
  • Industrial quality grade
  • Strongest robustness
  • 24-bit ∑Δ ADC for sensors


  • Isolated crypto subsystem
  • Symmetric/asymmetric hardware acceleration
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • NIST-certified algorithms
  • Key isolation and management


  • Large on-chip RAM suitable for stacks
  • CAN/USB/Ethernet
  • Large amount on serial interfaces
  • QSPI interfaces
  • Integrated crypto module

Building Automation

  • High Flash/RAM ratio
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • Rich analog features
  • Small packages


  • Scalable lineup
  • Industrial quality grade
  • Long product life
  • Integrated crypto module


  • Temperature up to 105°C
  • Scalable lineup
  • Motor control solutions
  • Capacitive touch interface
  • LCD control

Tools and Support

  • Renesas e2 studio
  • Keil MDK
  • Compiler

  • GNU, Arm Compiler version 6
  • Emulator

  • Segger J-Link
  • Renesas E2 emulator, E2 Lite emulator
  • Flash Memory Programmer

  • Renesas PG-FP6
  • Third party solutions