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Proven Power Quality Solutions

Your facility’s operational performance is the heart of your company’s success. With proven power quality solutions from SolaHD, you can protect your equipment, avoid interruptions in your electrical systems, and streamline your production lines. From service entrance to load points, and control systems to communications networks, SolaHD can help your facility meet strict global requirements and exceed new efficiency standards.

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Featured Products

SDN-C Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

High efficiency in a compact size!

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CVS Hardwired Series

Ideal for industrial applications where extremely precise voltage regulation is required. 10 year warranty!

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S4K2U Series, Industrial On-Line UPS

Rackmount or stand-alone tower, single phase, double conversion. Power factor output of 0.90, PWM inverter automatic restart. 700-3KVA.

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Industrial Control Transformers

Electromagnetic control components demand inrush currents up to 10 times the transformers nominal rating without sacrificing secondary voltage stability beyond practical limits.

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SCP-X IP67 Extreme environment series

Delivering reliable distributed and remote field power to machine controls. Versatile mounting, quick change connectors. Class 2 listed

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STV25K DIN Rail Series Surge Protection Devices

Provides point-of-use protection, at the dedicated equipment level, against damaging transients.

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