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China Tariffs Expect to Have Minimal Impact to Triad Magnetic Customers

As tariff tensions continue to escalate between the United States and China, many manufacturers are feeling the financial effects of the 10% tariff.

At Triad Magnetics, however, our unique footprint of facilities across the United States, China, and the Philippines ensures that our products will be largely insulated from the tariff-related costs. We have already diverted the majority of our manufacturing from China to the Philippines in an effort to protect our customers from substantial costs surges during this time of rising rates.

Our Philippines plant in Carmona, about an hour outside of Manila, already handles the bulk of manufacturing for many of our products and possesses the production capacity necessary to fulfill increased orders from our customers. This facility features a wide range of machining equipment, including automated coil winding equipment, ferrite-gapping CNC machines, lamination welding machines, automated soldering machines, and automated testing systems.

With more than 1,800 employees working across 80,000 square feet of space, we are confident that our Carmona plant can meet and exceed any required capacity until trade tensions between the United States and China ease.

Featured Products

C2 PC Mount Split Pack Class 2/3

Triad’s C2s are designed with a Class F (155°) insulation system and high isolation between secondaries. No electrostatic shielding required.

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World Series High Isolation Dual Bobbin

Designed with high temperature material that exceeds UL flammability requirements. Ratings 2.5VA to 56VA. Meets CSA, IEC & UL.

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International Chassis Mount with Leads

Constructed with European style split bobbin. Low inter-winding capacitance and requires no electrostatic shielding. Compact footprint.

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Quick Connect World Series Chassis Mount

Dual bobbin design with insulating shroud. Constructed with UL approved high temp material. Sizes ranging from 25VA to 175VA. CSA, IEC & UL.

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Toroidal Power Transformers

Efficient, compact, cool running and cost effective. Designed with a Class B (130°) insulation system. Dual primaries AND dual secondaries.

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Medical Toroidal Power Transformers

Triad’s VPM series is built with a Class F (155°) insulation system and includes a 140° C self-resetting thermal switch in the primary.

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