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Save Time & Money with Streamlined Sourcing and Assembly Services

When developing a new product, OEMs can waste valuable time sourcing and placing orders, waiting for deliveries, and stocking inventory for first article/NPI, prototype to production builds. But we can help you streamline these processes to make manufacturing more time and cost-effective.

At Newark we make it easy to put together your kit, we source all the parts you need and package them for your convenience. Our expertise is in getting you the products you need, with a large breadth of product and a dedicated team, our kitting service goes beyond the capabilities of other distributors.

From packaging kits for a classroom to developing a single board computer kit, our team is willing to work with you to meet your needs

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Modified boards?


Whether your BOM consists of five or 500 parts, individually sourcing and managing each item can be time-consuming. Our Kitting Services help you place orders faster and easier, allowing you more time to focus on what really matters – your next design.

Time-saving services?

It’s in the bag.

We’ll kit parts used in your OEM or design project BOM (Bill of Materials), so you can save time, labor and reduce the number of parts that need to be managed.

Improved efficiency?

Delivered your way.

Delivered labeled and kitted to your requirements for ease of receiving. Your inventory is already parsed out into pre-counted kits, delivered labeled and kitted to your requirements for ease of receiving. We can customize labels and packing lists. Any data field on your BOM can appear on your label or packing list.

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Get Every Part You Need in One Package

Kitting Services:

  • We source all components, allowing you more time to focus on your next design
  • We identify potential substitutes on non-active components to minimize price, lead time, and inventory liability
  • Single point-of-contact and one PO/Part number for easier order processing and tracking
  • Fewer shipping costs - Newark covers expense of inbound freight
  • Parts are individually packaged and labeled to your bill of materials
  • Customized labels, packing list, and documentation per your request
  • PCB fabrication and assembly available, along with Frist Article Approval if required

Single Board Computer Kitting:

  • SBC kitting such as installing the board into your enclosure, including power supply and accessories for your application
  • We can modify an open source SBC for specific applications using Gerber and design files (separate NRE may apply)
  • Imaging of SD cards for Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, or other dev kits
  • Assembled units can be labeled with MAC address, serial number, or any specified info
  • Final packaging can be customized with your logo, company name, or other special request

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