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Customers Success Stories...

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Customer Challenge

SJE-Rhombus, a company specializing in sump, effluent and sewage applications, needed to add additional pump control functions that provided the same switching capacity, without taking up too much space in their control panel.

The Solution

  • Zelio RPF Power Relay
  • Smaller size and 30A current rating
  • 2HP and 3HP motor load ratings for reliable pump control

Customer Benefits

  • Smaller power relay with adequate switching capacity
  • Reduction in component cost
  • Size reduction allows for more control relays in the same panel space which increases control functionality

The Bottom Line

A 300% increase in control functionality with a 15% decrease in cost.

Customer Challenge

Total Power, a world leader in synthetic fuel additives, was unable to account for 100,000 gallons of fuel consumed each month. They needed a better system to manage and monitor fuel usage in the field.

The Solution

  • Line & Unit Performance Optimization
  • EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert*
  • Industrial sensors

Customer Benefits

  • Fuel cost savings
  • Improved analytics and monitoring

The Bottom Line

A 9% increase in fuel data accuracy,
saving the mining company $100,000 annually

“This will completely change the way fuel and other consumables are managed in industrial operations.” - Boris Dantus, President, Total Power, Inc.

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