Texas Instruments WEBENCH® Design Centre

From Texas Instruments comes the popular WEBENCH® set of designer tools that let you simultaneously compare the performance of multiple devices in multiple circuit requirements.

  • Cost-free and easy-to-use tools that simplify and accelerate the design process
  • Customised power, lighting, filtering, clocking and sensing designs in seconds
  • Quick creation, optimisation and simulation of customised designs

Product Description

The popular, easy-to-use WEBENCH® designer tools from Texas Instruments simultaneously compare the performance of multiple devices in multiple circuit requirements.

The WEBENCH® tool suite features both fundamental tools for creating single-circuit designs and advanced tools for creating system-level designs, to help you get new products to market faster.

One of the stand-out tools among the collection is the FPGA/Microprocessor Power Architect – a powerful tool that lets engineers quickly design and simulate a complete power supply system for any number of supplies and outputs. System designers can optimise the entire power supply system for small footprint, high efficiency, and cost in minutes.

TI's new integrated SIMPLE SWITCHER® power modules, in addition to existing voltage regulators controllers, are also supported in WEBENCH® Power Architect for low part count and small footprint with industry-leading thermal performance and low electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Other features include Design & Simulation Tools (incorporating Power Design and Sensor, Filter, Clock and Amplifier Design), Download Tools, Models and Symbols, and a collection of help resources.

Ease of use

WEBENCH® offers design tools that allow value-based trade-offs at a design, system and supply chain level.

Power designs

Choose from a range of tools including Power Designer (single supply), Automotive Power Designer, LED Designer, Schematic Editor, WEBENCH® Export, Power Designer Parts Listing, Power Architect (multi supply), System Power Architect, Processor Power Architect, FPGA Power Architect, LED Architect and PMU Power Architect.

Other designs

Tools include Clock Architect, Filter Designer, Amplifier Designer, Temp SensorEval Software, Inductive Sensing Designer, Sensor AFE & Sensor Designer, Medical AFE Designer and Sensor AFE Tools.