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We have Capacitor Kits available to support many different capacitor types.

What is a capacitor kit?

A capacitor kit is a pack of capacitors, designated by the manufacturer. The capacitors within the kit are typically varied.

Often, they represent the manufacturer's capacitor range, coming in a choice of voltages, sizes, and types that can then be tested and assessed for functionality and capability.

Beyond sampling, capacitor kits can also be a means of purchasing multiple types of capacitor in bulk, and because many are shipped in large containers with multiple drawers, they can be an efficient way of ergonomically storing capacitors within a facility or production line.

Examples of our capacitor kits

Johanson Technology’s Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor kits offer the lowest ESR and highest Q of their class. For best capacitor (size and value) selection they offer a variety of different capacitance combinations in easy to use pill boxes. The multi-layer ceramic capacitors in these kits can be used for PA matching, output matching networks and to perform functions such as RF by-pass, DC block, discrete coupler, or detector giving you optimum input R.L (VSWR) due to the products’ ultra-high Q properties.

KEMET engineering kits are designed with the engineer in mind. Containing a variety of ranges across their portfolio, their engineering kits provide you with options to experiment with for your application.

Capacitor types supported include surface mount multilayer ceramic, RF and microwave, low leakage, film, polymer and tantalum, aluminium electrolytic RAD, assortment kit, and others.

Vishay’s VJ HIFREQ HT Design Kits are surface mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitor kits for high temperature, high frequency applications. These include:
  1. RF and microwave
  2. Broadband communication
  3. Satellite communication
  4. Base stations
  5. Medical instrumentation and test
  6. Military devices (radar, communication, etc.)
  7. Wireless devices
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