Since 1910, Auer Signal has been dedicated to the development, design, manufacture, and promotion of world-class signaling solutions. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of signaling devices, we offer an extensive line of audible and visual devices. These include steady, flashing, and strobe beacons, as well as horns, buzzers, electronic sirens, and stack lights. Read More

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AX Series XLR Cable Connectors

The revolutionary AX series of XLR connectors introduce an exciting contemporary look and feel to the professional audio interconnect market. They are designed to complement modern audio architecture and truly “fit” within their environment. An impressive list of features guarantees pure sound performance in the most demanding applications providing unrivalled value.

1/4” / 3.5mm Phone Jack Connectors

Amphenol phone connectors are available in 1/4” (6.35mm) and 3.5mm jack sockets or dual jack socket versions featuring combinations of both sizes. The standard heavy- duty contacts provides an excellent signal performance and the rugged designs excel in professional audio applications. Our wide range of options ensures we have the connector to suit your specific requirements. Custom jacks can also be developed to suit unique applications on request.

HPT Series Power Cable Connectors & Mounts

Designed to be fully plug compatible with the original and latest industry standard products, UL Recognized, and an easier-to-use, innovative, patented, cable clamp lock design safety feature, the HPT Series™ is an ideal “first choice”, or “drop in” replacement, for your lighting fixture, video wall, special effects or power distribution interconnect needs. HPT Series™ Power Connectors are perfect for AC power supply where a durable, latched, twist-locking, circuit-breaking connector is required, and are rated at 20A @ 250V. HPT Series™ Power Connectors can be connected or disconnected under load and are IP65 rated.

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