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Brainboxes is well-known for their design, manufacture and reliable industrial communication products and are trusted for over 35 years. Aiming to realize the fourth industrial revolution for all-sized companies around the globe, Brainboxes’ products marry the robust hardware of industry with the possibilities of modern software and connectivity. They have established themselves as an industry leader in serial and remote I/O technology development. Brainboxes’ supply solutions’ ensure that you can connect, configure and control your serial and industrial devices.

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Brainboxes Remote IO devices are available as Digital IO, Relay, and Analogue IO, controlled over Ethernet using a range of protocols. In both industrial and commercial/light industrial form factors. The modules have a suite of software API's available including for Visual Basic, C# and C++.'


Brainboxes provide robust, reliable connections to Serial devices whether RS232 or RS422/485. Choose from traditional on-board PCI cards, laptop friendly USB or connect over any distance with Ethernet. Available with 9 pin D connectors or terminal blocks, and up to 8 ports.


Brainboxes range of Ethernet Switches provide simple affordable expansion of your network with the industrial specification you need. Choose from 4 to 8 ports, DIN mount plastic and metal casing, embedded and compact form factor.


Neuron Edge Controller Start your industrial journey. Minimizes downtime, speeds up response times and maximizes profits. Get an edge with edge processing.
Rapid retrofit robust hardware.
Easy install and setup - Great software APIs .
Use I/O lines and existing sensors.
Get machine data onto the network.
Get results from single device - scale as needed.


Ethernet to 8 Digital Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs + RS485 Gateway Industrial process control and automation with integrated DIN rail mount. Control any input or output from TTL to high voltage high current industrial devices. -22°F to +176°F temperature range.


Industrial Ethernet to Serial 2xRS232/422/485 Simple instant networked serial port for demanding environments with integrated DIN rail mount. Serial port tunneling allows serial cable replacement over any distance, no software required. -22°F to +176°F temperature range.

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