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E-Switch has been manufacturing quality switches since 1979 for the electronics, telecom, high tech, instrumentation, A/V, appliance and consumer markets. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, their global reach extends to Europe, Asia and Latin America. Products include Illuminated and non-illuminated tact switches, sealed switches, rockers, toggles, slides, pushbutton switches, and more. E-Switch has distributors like Newark on hand to provide specifying assistance and quick response to requests. E-Switch’s online catalog includes complete specifications, drawings and schematics. Little Details. Big Quality.

Featured Products

Rocker Switches Sealed to IP67 Ratings

Protect your designs from the elements with our sealed rocker switches

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Industrial Strength Power Rocker Switches

Up to 20A with 3/4 HP for your industrial applications

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Pushbutton Switches with Illumination

Fully illuminated, RGB illumination and dual-illumination options available

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Industrial Strength Power Pushbutton Switches

Power-rated pushbutton switches for industrial controls with custom marking options

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Industrial Strength Power Toggle Switches

The perfect fit for your rugged industrial applications with HP ratings

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Vandal-resistant Sealed, Illuminated Switches

These vandal-resistant switches work great for applications requiring a robust and secure product

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Optoelectronics & Displays

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