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Newark carries a broad range of products from Extech Instruments, including top-quality test equipment, production supplies, power protection and more.

Since 1970, Extech Instruments has become an industry leader and supplier of test equipment and portable printers, and the Extech Instruments brand is regarded in many industries as the brand of choice. Extech continuously innovates with a strong focus on product development and patented designs. Extech's high standards and quality control earned them ISO 9001:2008 certification with a line of products boasting a combination of features, functions and reliability at an affordable price.

Get all of your Extech Instruments products from Newark along with fast delivery, convenient online shopping, friendly customer service, and knowledgeable technical support.

Featured Products

Power Supplies

Power your bench with your choice of Extech power supplies.

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Milliohm Meters

Choose from our range of Extech Milliohm Meters

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Humidity and Moisture

Measure humidity and temperature with equipment from Extech

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Digital Multimeters

Select from our wide range of Extech multimeters

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Clamp Meters

Equip your bench with your choice of Extech's clamp meters

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Get a close-up view with these borescopes/cameras from Extech

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Liste de produits de Extech Instruments

Automation & Process Control

Power & Line Protection

Sensors & Transducers

Test & Measurement

Tools & Production Supplies

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Nouveaux produits de Extech Instruments

Test & Measurement

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