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When you are looking for quality digital clamp meters, ohmmeters and insulation resistance testers for your projects, you'll find a wide selection of Megger insulation & earth/ground resistance testers at Newark.

For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications.

Get all of your Megger products from Newark along with fast delivery, convenient online shopping, friendly customer service and knowledgeable technical support.

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MIT Series 5/10/15kV Insulation Resistance Testers

Resistance measurement is available up to 10 TΩ for the 5 kV models, 20 TΩ for the 10 kV model and 30 TΩ for the 15 kV model. The new instruments are smaller and lighter than previous models yet offer advanced features and rapid charge capability.

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DLRO Digital Low-Resistance Microhmmeters

DLRO 10 and DLRO 10X are fully automatic instruments to measure resistance from 0.1 μ Ω to 2000 Ω, on one of seven ranges. Augmenting Megger's DLRO10 and 10X range of low resistance ohmmeters, the DLRO10HD combines ultimate simplicity of operation with a rugged IP65 case designed for stable ground and bench operation.

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MIT400 Series CAT IV Insulation Resistance and Continuity Testers

The Megger MIT400 Series insulation and continuity testers has been designed for electrical testing by power utilities, industrials, telecommunication companies, commercial/domestic electricians and anyone with unique test voltage requirements.

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Introduction to Insulation Testing

Insulation Testing: Spot Reading Test

Insulation Testing: Time vs. Resistance

Insulation Testing: Step Voltage Test

Insulation Testing: Ramp Voltage Test

Insulation Testing: Dielectric Discharge

Insulation Testing: Data Points

Insulation Testing: Guard Terminal

Megger® MIT525: Whats in the Box

Megger® MIT1025: Getting Started

Megger® MIT1025: Whats in the Box


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