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Samtec connectors and cables provide the interconnects necessary for the billions of electronic components and circuit boards that form today's technology. Newark, a trusted and authorized Samtec distributor, will help you find the right solution to your needs.

Newark offers thousands of Samtec PC Board connectors, including board to board (BTB) connectors, wire to board connectors, stacking board connectors and more. When data transmission quality from one component to another is critical, you can rely on Samtec connectors.

Samtec flat ribbon cable assemblies are ideal when working in tight spaces, with stacked equipment, or any time high-quality ribbon cable is required. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes, you're sure to find the Samtec cable you need with easy online shopping at Newark.

Newark is an authorized Samtec distributor.

Featured Products

Tiger Eye Flat IDC Wire Cables

1.27mm (.050") Pitch Flat Cable IDC Assemblies.

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Square Tail Elevated Sockets

2.54mm (.100") Pitch Square Tail Elevated Sockets

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Standard Box Contact Socket

2.54mm (.100") Pitch Standard Box Contact Sockets.

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Cable, Wire & Cable Assemblies

Circuit Protection


Development Boards, Evaluation Tools


Fasteners & Mechanical

Passive Components

Switches & Relays

Test & Measurement

Tools & Production Supplies

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Cable, Wire & Cable Assemblies


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