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An innovative IoT technology company, specializes in hardware research, production and sales for edge computing, network communication, and smart sensing applications. Moreover, the company provides a wide variety of R&D support and services for customized products.

Nvidia Jetson


Create small yet powerful edge AI devices and robotics in real-world settings with ready-to-try projects and the support of an active developer community.

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Seeed Studio XIAO Series are diminutive development boards, sharing a similar hardware structure, where the size is literally thumb-sized.

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Industrial SBC - Raspberry Pi


EdgeBox and reThings family, all-in-one Raspberry Pi-based industrial edge computing controllers and HMI solutions, combining multiple industrial purposes to unlock endless scenarios at the edge.

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SenseCAP range specifically designed for serving Industrial IoT needs of wireless sensing, with the main applications in smart agriculture, smart city, and other environmental sensing scenarios.

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Grove is a modular prototyping system uses a building block approach over simplify prototyping and development of projects in the field of electronics and IoT.

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Popular low-cost, high-performance, plug-and-play microcontroller based boards to perfectly solved multiple application problems.

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Add-on Modules


Powerful, feature-rich add-on modules for electronics and IoT projects. Simplify prototyping and coding.

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A wide range of add-ons and peripherals, from displays and sensors to cables and connectors, to enhance your electronics projects.

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New! Industrial Embedded Computers Hub

Enabling the next generation of industrial applications. Farnell offers the latest cutting-edge industrial embedded computers designed for use in today's most demanding industrial IoT and edge computing environments.

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Automation & Process Control

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Development Boards, Evaluation Tools

Embedded Computers, Education & Maker Boards

Office, Computer & Networking Products

Optoelectronics & Displays

Raspberry Pi

Sensors & Transducers

Single Board Computers, Maker & Education

Switches & Relays

Test & Measurement

Tools & Production Supplies

Wireless Modules & Adaptors

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