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Trumeter has been measuring everything and delighting users since 1937. The company serves more than 5,000 customers worldwide and produces more than a million products a year, from the innovative Advanced Panel Meter (APM) range to electronic and electromechanical counters, timers, length and distance measuring equipment used the world over. Read more

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APM Series - Programmable Panel Meter

The easiest to use, easiest to read digital panel meters available, every member of the APM meter family has unique dynamic backlighting and starburst messaging to instantly alert operators to problem conditions. And the alerts, scale and range are fully customizable through the plug-and-play software.

Model 3400 - LCD Counter

The 3400 Series counters have a wide range AC or DC voltage input and come in five industry-standard housings. They are totally sealed with the optional gasket and have a high-visibility polarized lens providing a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Model 3410 - LCD Hour Meter

The 3410 Series is an incredibly versatile range of totally sealed electronic timers, compact in-depth and available in five industry-standard housings. They are ideal for applications where reliability and high visibility is important.

Model 722/732 Timers

722 and 732 Series timers have a wide voltage operating range and a quartz time base to ensure long-term accurate timekeeping. They are totally sealed with an optional gasket for protection from the environment making them suitable for industrial control panels and other equipment.

Model 711 Low-power Timers

The 711 Series is a family of compact, low-power and versatile timers. They have a clear, large-figure display designed to complement existing meters in control panels offering a crisp finish to equipment.

Model 6300/6320 - Electronic Counter

The 6300/6320 Series of self-powered totalizing counters and timers feature a reflective display with seven icons, three Redi-Alerts, and a switch (dry contact). The durable plastic housing makes them suitable for hard-wearing, industrial applications.

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