Parts List (BOM) Upload

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Uploading a parts list is easy!

Use our new Parts List (BOM) Upload Form in a few easy steps. Here’s how it works.

  1. Browse and upload your file (excel, CSV or tab delimited) by selecting ‘choose file’ or ‘browse’, depending on your browser.
  2. Choose how you want to search by telling the tool which row in your spreadsheet to begin pulling data from (under Data starts at row).  Then confirm the first search column from the drop-down menu, populated from your file. Quantity and description fields are optional, if you’d like to refine your search.
  3. Click Verify and get your results. (see visual 1 below)

Choosing the column for matching

While you can use any column in your spreadsheet for matching our part numbers, manufacturer part numbers will usually provide the best results.  If you do not have either number for a specific item, you can search by keyword.  Just make sure that option is selected in the dropdown labeled “Select a column for part search.”

When your results are returned, you can correct any unmatched items. After you’ve found all the right parts, click save. You can then name your Parts List, buy all items, buy individual items, email to a colleague or download to your desktop.

Placing Orders

Q: What does it mean when a part is backordered?
A: Occasionally, demand for certain products can lead to them being temporarily ‘out of stock.’ However, if you still want this item and don't mind waiting, we are happy to accept orders and ship it once stock becomes available.
Q: Can I download or email my cart?
A: If you want to save your cart online for purchase later you can use the saved carts feature.
Q: What are order minimums and multiples?
A: Certain products like resistors or cable come in reels or packs of set length or quantity. They are not available for sale in quantities below certain levels because it is not economical to package them in smaller quantities.
Q: How do I apply a voucher code to my order?
A: You can enter a voucher code on the shopping cart page. When you have entered a valid voucher code, press the “Apply” button and the cart total should display the updated discounted total.

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Q: How do I check out from my saved cart?
A: You cannot directly check out from the saved cart page. You must add items from a saved cart to your current cart for check out. For more details visit the Saved Carts page.

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Q: Can I save my shopping cart and complete my order later?
A: Yes. In the shopping cart, you can save your cart by entering the name of your choice in the Save cart field, then click "Save cart". The saved cart is then available in My Account.
Q: Can I speak to someone about a problem on the website?
  • Try our live support (Mon-Fri, 8:00AM - 5:00PM ET)
  • Email web site support:
  • Phone web site support: 1 800 463 9275 (Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 8:00PM ET)
Q: Is this shipping to a freight forwarder for export?
A: A freight forwarder exports your shipment for you. If you are shipping to a freight forward service, we are required to ask for the address of the ultimate destination.
Q: I cannot see the card I added for future orders in Checkout or in My Account?
A: We are not permitted to store cards that are declined on first use. In this situation you will be required to enter and store the card details again. This can be done during your next order or in My Account.
Some organisations allow their buyers to use the same card for purchases. If a previous user removes the right for the card to be stored, we will no longer be able to store the card. Simply re-enter the card details and select to store the card for future use.