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The main search box at the top of the page allows you to search for products using a Newark order code, a manufacturer's part number, a manufacturer’s name or keywords.

The search may include partial or complete terms as well as product attributes like voltage, ohms, or other values.

Category Results

If your search query contains matches in more than one product category, a list of product categories will be displayed.

General Search Filters Glossary

  • In Stock:
    Checking this box will display only the products we have in stock available to be despatched same or next day.
  • RoHS Compliant:
    Checking this box will display only the products that are compliant with the RoHS legislation as reported by our suppliers.
  • Exclude Direct Ship:
    Checking this box will exclude items that ship direct from our suppliers and from other element14 companies.
  • Include Special Orders:
    Checking this box will include items that are not actively stocked in our warehouse and may have longer than expected lead times.

To see the results when you select general filters, you need to click the apply button. It is not necessary to enter any text in the search within field if all you want to filter is one or more of the check boxes.

Parametric Filters

If your search ends up within one category, you will see parametric filters. The actual search product results will be displayed below the filters on the page. You may narrow your results by selecting parametric filters either by checking the box for one or more specific attributes or by using the range selector to check multiple boxes more easily. To see the product results, you will need to click the “Apply” button.

Selecting the Auto Apply filters will automatically disable filter options that would result in no match. However, the products displayed below the filter options will not update until you click the “Apply” button.

NOTE: There may be more parametric options than visibally displayed at first. Simply scroll to the right to see additional parametric attributes.

Product Information Icons Legend

  •   3D Product
  •   CAD CadSoft Eagle
  •   Datasheet
  •   Multimedia
  •   Reach SVHC
  •   RoHS Compliant
  •   Not RoHS Compliant
  •   Downloadable/Printable RoHS certificate
  •   Catalogue Page
  •   Simulation Model
  •   Add to Favourites
  •   MSDS
  •   Lot Date

Price icons are under Pricing & Availability

Advanced Search

Advanced search provides focused search fields for Part number, keyword, and/or Manufacturer’s name.

For part number searches you can force exact match by selecting "exact match" or for part number ending wild card use the "starts with" option. Keyword descriptions can match all words or any words.

Use the menus to tailor your search

If you are unable to find the product you are looking for contact our live support or call us at 1 877 736 4835

Product Information

Q: Can I speak to someone about technical product information?
  • Try our live support (Mon-Fri, 24 hours)
  • Email technical support:
  • Call technical support: 1 877 736 4835 (Mon-Fri, 8:00AM - 8:00PM ET)
Q: Can I get help to find a product?
  • Try our live support (Mon-Fri, 24 hours)
  • Email technical support:
  • Call technical support: 1 877 736 4835 (Mon-Fri, 8:00AM - 8:00PM ET)
Q: How do the search filters work?
A: Check the box to filter by selected parameters then click “Apply”.

For parametric filters, the available filters will automatically update with each selection, however you still need to click “Apply” to see the updated product list that matches your filter selection.

You can disable the automatic update by unchecking the “Auto Apply filters” check box above the parametric boxes.

For more information visit the Searching for Products page.

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Q: How do I stop product notifications?
A: Simply Log In and go to the My Account: Product Notifications and follow the instructions provided for removing a notification.

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Q: What is a substitute item?
  • An exact substitute is functionally identical (same form, fit and function) but has a different unit of measure from the same manufacturer.
  • An upgrade substitute is a product that has been improved by the same manufacturer.
  • A suggested substitute is a product that is functionally similar with similar form and fit.